Matteo Musci

matteo musci
Matteo Musci nei primi anni ’90 lavora come art director in una grande agenzia pubblicitaria e inizia a confrontarsi con la fotografia professionale. In seguito fonda Zona 13 Studio, con cui lavora per molte agenzie europee. Oggi vive e lavora tra San Francisco e Milano. Matteo Musci was born and raised in Milan, Italy. After a couple of years, in the late 90′s, working as art-director in a big ad agency he began shooting as a professional photographer and founded zona13 studio. As photographer for zona13 he has worked all over Europe for a notable amount of ad agencies.
In 2010 he started a new photographic cycle, leaving his ad portfolio behind and focusing on a more personal kind of photography, where neat composition and washy color are the main themes. Now he lives between San Francisco and Milan.


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